The Prescriptive Wellness Difference…

Prescriptive Wellness is a new concept in health care partnership. We bridge the gap between medical offices, rehabilitation centers, and fitness clubs. No other facility has the capability to combine these services with on-site licensed healthcare professionals & personalized programs created for each client. We combine Western medicine and Eastern medicine practices such as acupuncture, naprapathy and hypnosis. In doing so, Prescriptive Wellness is changing conventional healthcare.

We believe that the key to achieving well being is in focusing on the client's underlying issues, not simply treating the surface symptoms. Our licensed physicians and therapist have built excellent reputations in their fields and make Prescriptive Wellness a leader in a new style of treatment.

Who will be interested in Prescriptive Wellness?

Our individual clients will be those who are interested in changing an unhealthy lifestyle or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These individual may have tried conventional fitness/rehabilitation centers without success or may have aliments that prevent them from performing their routine physical tasks.

People who are concerned about treating or preventing high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or stroke will find help in our personalized prescribed programs.

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